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General Services We Provide

Q3 provides clients a diverse range of planning and engineering general services, including, but not limited to, plan check and technical review, due diligence and feasibility studies, engineering planning, preliminary and final engineering, PS&E (plans, specifications, and estimate), engineering support during construction, technical studies and related deliverables, standards and guidelines development, value engineering and constructability review, model development and simulation, engineering forensics and litigation support.

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Date Palm Drive Bridge Improvements at Whitewater River, Cathedal City, California


Our General Services

Q3 provides technical review services of plans, documents, and/or maps for compliance with applicable ordinances,  regulatory requirements, permits, standards, guidelines, and project-specific conditions of approval.

Q3 investigates project risk by evaluating alternatives, challenges, and hazards during site acquisition, project conception, and/or financing stages to identify issues that are more appropriately addressed early on when changes can be made at less cost based on past evidence and/or precedence and the viability of a proposed course of action(s).

Q3 determines design concepts, alternatives analysis, and review (preliminary engineering); and develops the basis of design for construction plans and specifications (final engineering).  Read more…

Q3 prepares construction documents for projects, which serve as the basis for bidding, contract control, and construction.

Q3 can be available for engineering support during construction to answer questions and provide clarification as well as modify construction plans to accommodate changes in field conditions.

Q3 can produce a diverse range of technical studies and related deliverables.  Read more…

Q3 can assist regulators with the evaluation and updating of their design standards related to stormwater engineering, including hydrology, hydraulics, scour protection, and floodplain management.

Q3 can analyze designed projects for the purpose of achieving essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with required performance, quality, reliability, and safety (value engineering); and review construction documents to ensure the requirements are clear, documents are coordinated, and impairments to bidding and project administration are minimized (constructability review).  

Q3 can  develop and simulate, as well as correlate where possible, both standard and advanced models in various areas of stormwater engineering, including hydrology, hydraulics, sediment transport, hydromodification, and reservoir operations with the ability to apply lumped parameter, distributed parameter, network, 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional, and combined 1-D/2-D model schemes where applicable.  Read more…

Q3 is open to providing litigation support for stormwater-related matters assuming their are no direct or indirect client conflicts.

Hydraulics and Sediment Transport, Avenida Talega Bridge, San Clemente, California
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